Delta Dialogue

Fall and Winter Chapter Outings

The Chapter Outings Committee has been “busy as bees” planning outings for the sorors this year!  The following activities list a brief description of outings the committee has taken so far this sorority year.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze

On November 25, 2018, a group of sorors went to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze. Cirque Dreams Holidaze is a Broadway family-oriented show with acrobatic acts.  The show had many spectacular feats which involved a combination of martial arts, performing arts, gymnastics, circus, dance, and ballet focused on the Christmas season.  The beautiful costumes, music, elaborate sceneries and a medley of diversified talents from all around the world were amazing and they really wowed the audience that afternoon.

Near the end of the show, one of the acts required audience participation.  They wanted a member of the audience to ring the bells.  Of course, our own Soror Brenda Jenkins was selected to aid with this task.  In this act, the performer rang the bells in a patterns and the selected audience members were to repeat what they heard with the bells. This part of the show had a lot of humor and added to the festive occasion.

After the amazing show at the Grand Opera House, some of the sorors dined at Ernest and Scott Taproom for dinner.  The fun and fellowship was continued with great food!

The Color Purple

During the month of December several groups of sorors traveled to Theater Verizon in Norristown, PA, to see Soror Tiffany Christopher perform in the play “The Color Purple”. Tiffany played various roles in the sold out play during the month. Most groups of sorors who attended the play had the opportunity to see Tiffany perform an outstanding Olivia, the sister of the main character, Celie.  Tiffany and the cast did a marvelous job bringing to life this adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel “The Color Purple”.

“Love My Sister “Week and Founders Day 2019

In honor of “Love My Sister” Week and Founders Day, about sixty sorors gathered at Firebirds Fired Grill Restaurant to fellowship after the January 12th chapter meeting.  The committee thought this was a great way to start the new year, 2019, with an activity that will help the sorors reinforce our bond of sisterhood doing what we love to do  – enjoy a great meal!.  The two hours spent together of eating and sisterly bonding was very enjoyable for all of the sorors who participated in the outing.

DrumLine Live Show

On Friday, January 18, 2019, many of the Wilmington Alumnae  sorors ate dinner at Chelsea Tavern before going over to the sold out Grand Opera House to experience the Drum Line Live show.  We supported the Gamma Theta Lambda Education Foundation (Alpha Phi Alpha) by purchasing a group of tickets from them for the show.  The show’s literature expressed it well. The show was a riveting rhythms, bold beats, and ear grabbing energy of the drums.

The show took you back to those anticipated half-time shows at football games on the HBCU campuses of yester years.   The Drum Line Live show bought black marching band traditions to the theatrical stage like you have never seen.

The live show had a very high octane musical roller coaster ride that guaranteed to touch every emotion in your body. All throughout the show the audience was shaking their heads, clapping their hands or tapping their feet to the beat of the music. The music took you back to the Temptation, James Brown, and the Supremes era up to today’s Cardi B.  There was music for all ages in the show!

Near the end of the live show, the performers invited some of the younger audience members to play the drums by giving them a beat pattern that they had to repeat.  The children were amazing because they easily repeated the beats and some added their own spin to the beat patterns.  This was a fun filled outing!

The Chapter Outings Committee has been very busy this year trying to keep the sorors active with the arts, dining out at various restaurants while having fun and enjoying a sisterly fellowship.


National Heritage and Archives Committee Heritage Moments
Dr. Wilma Mishoe, President, Delaware State University

Dr. Wilma Mishoe is a longtime higher education leader and administrator. She is the third of four children of the late Dr. Luna I. Mishoe and Hattie B. Mishoe, former President and First Lady of Delaware State College (now University). She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Mathematics and Philosophy and a Master of Education in Student Personnel Administration and Counseling from Howard University. She earned a Doctor of Education from Temple University.Dr. Mishoe has always been active in her community and has experienced several “firsts.” She was among the first to integrate Capital School District (Dover, DE) in 1961, and years later she became the first African-American female president of its Board of Education. She was also the first African-American female admitted into the Dover Rotary Club, an originally all-Caucasian, all-male organization, and served as the treasurer. In 2011, Dr. Mishoe was unanimously confirmed by the Delaware State Senate as a seven-year appointee to the Delaware Public Integrity Commission, becoming the first African-American female to chair that commission. In March 2013, she was selected by the State of Delaware, Department of State and inducted into the Delaware Commission for Women’s Hall of Fame. That same year she was called out of retirement to voluntarily serve on a Presidential Transition Team at Wilberforce University, where she had been the secretary and member of its Board of Trustees since 2003. The board later appointed her as acting president of the nation’s oldest privately-owned and operated HBCU, incorporated by Bishop Daniel A. Payne and owned by the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Dr. Mishoe served in this interim leadership position until October 2014.

More recently, Delaware’s former Governor Jack Markell appointed Dr. Mishoe to serve a six-year term on the Delaware State University Board of Trustees. In July 2017, Dr. Mishoe became the first female chairperson of the university’s Board of Trustees. She again made history by becoming the first female acting president and president of Delaware State University, January 2018 and July 2018 respectively. She is a strong and passionate advocate for students and has dedicated her life to “higher education for those too often overlooked and marginalized and has story after story of student achievement that in large measure can be attributed to her leadership” (Bies, 2018, para. 4). Dr. Mishoe is the mother of two sons, grandmother of three, and great grandmother to one. Dr. Mishoe will continue to set the pace in higher education as she upholds the ideals of our beloved Sorority.

An Evening at the Main Event Entertainment Center

Friday, May 18th, the Chapter Outings Committee had its last excursion for the 2017-2018 sorority year.   Sorors of Wilmington (DE) Alumnae Chapter had a fun-filled evening of great fellowship and bowling.  Although the weather outside was cold and rainy, it was very warm and inviting inside the Main Event Entertainment Center with games galore!  Choices of games included laser tag, rope climbing, arcades and “22” lanes for bowling and we occupied seven of them!  The feeling was that of an amusement park, but inside a building.  There were all age groups out on a Friday night to just have fun!

Sorors were all set to demonstrate their skills for the two hours on the bowling lanes. There were a multitude of skill levels.  Some came equipped with their own bowling balls – hint, hint, these were the serious bowlers who had scores of 100 or more.  They kept bowling strikes and had no problems knocking down the few pins that were left after their first attempt.  Well enough about the veteran bowlers.  The novice bowlers were striving to just strike down a few pins! These sorors began with lots of gutter balls; however, by the second game, as they continued to practice their skills, their bowling scores improved.  They even managed to have a couple of strikes and that really made them proud!

The two hours of bowling activity at the Main Event Entertainment Center was a great time for all who came out on that cold rainy evening.  We met new sorors, enjoyed a great meal and just had some good old fashion fun.